Stay cool in your Seville car hire

No one likes being told how to drive! It can be all the more annoying if the driving advice is coming form a spouse or family member. Tempers can become quickly frayed and your idyllic Seville drive could turn into anything but.

A recent survey by Easy car highlighted some of the tensions which may arise during a rental car trip. Not surprisingly bad driving habits come out on top of the list as the most annoying single thing. These arguments happen with 37% of adults while on holiday according to the survey.

Reading maps is a huge cause of arguments followed by driving too fast and not correctly following local road signs. The survey divided holiday drivers into 4 categories

• SatNavvies – Believe their GPS system is an all powerful god and refuse to listen to reason.

• Planners – everything organized to a tee so should be prepared for the worst.

• Road Signers – constantly on the look out for signs and gives everyone else in the car the same job.

• Freewheelers – ah sure, it will be ok on the day…

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