Seville or Sevilla?

As we are a site which caters mainly for a UK audience we use the word Seville instead of Sevilla.

Google Trends is a tool which gathers information on what phrase web users search with and you can break down the data by country .When you do a search comparison on Seville and Sevilla, you will find that Seville is the more popular term being used among UK web users. Almost twice as many people search with the English name  – Seville.

On our car hire Seville Airport booking engine there are three options

1) Sevilla Airport
2) Seville
3) Seville Train Station

One and three are self explanatory but a search under the location “Seville” offer details of cars available to hire at downtown locations.  So I guess we are trying to cover all angles but it can get a little confusing along the way. Hope this clears things up….