Seville Introduces Recharging Stations for Electric Cars

Renting electric cars is becoming more and more popular in Europe, especially in Spain.  The country is working on putting over a million different EV’s, hybrids, and other electric cars on the roads ready to drive with user friendly collection hours.  In anticipation of this and to promote the purchase of, or rental of electric cars in Seville, the city is installing 75 electric vehicle recharging stations.

These stations will be available to the public as part of the Movele program.  This network will install the recharging stations in many of Seville’s parking lots, near the airport, and around the most visited official buildings and city hall.  These recharging stations will be found in convenient locations for those renting cars, which will encourage rental car companies to add electric and hybrid vehicles to their offerings.

Seville and Movele officials plan to also provide 500 electric cars to the city.  These cars will be distributed to both public institutions and private drivers for use.  Each recharging station will cost about €1,000.  The city also plans to test smart units at €5,000 each.

These units are capable of recharging all types of electric cars via a prepaid card similar to a credit card.  Seville will also have three round the clock mechanics available who are familiar with electric cars and can assist drivers with any issue.  These mechanics and recharging stations combine to make Seville one of the top cities for owning or renting an electric car.