Quick travel tips for Seville

• Don’t take any risks in the sun. Put on lots of sun cream. We all like having a nice tan but you still need to be careful

• Try learning a few phrases of Spanish before you go. The locals will appreciate it.

• Leave work behind. That means NO work phone and NO work computer

• Research before you travel what attractions you would like to visit and activities you would like to try or DON’T if you just want to lay in the sun all day

• Work out how much money you want/can afford to spend for the duration of your holiday

• If you are planning a day trip outside the city then buy your food supplies in the grocery store so you can enjoy a nice picnic

• Make sure you are covered by your travel insurance package

• Be nice to people and they will probably be nice to you 😉

• And of course……use our car rental Seville Airport comparison engine 😉 (sorry, had to get it in)