Hertz Launch Car Hire Club

There is no doubt that it is a very difficult time financially for many of the worlds leading car manufacturers with sales reportably down by up to 20% on this time last year.

Hertz usually purchase over half a million cars every year however they have recently announced the launch of a car sharing club which is aimed at preventing people from buying cars. The scheme has been described as an “alternative to car ownership”.

Mr. Michael Taride (president of Hertz Europe) believes the scheme will appeal to people living in urban areas who don’t want any of the hassle which comes with owning a car.

For the time being the scheme (known as connect) will operate in Paris, New York and London with hopes to roll it out to further countries in 2009. There will be annual membership fees on top of regular rental costs.

Traditionally car manufacturing firms have offered buy back clauses to car hire firms. This meant that the car could be returned to the manufacturer after 6 months. However the low profit margins which this generated have now made these types of deals scarce. This means that car hire firms have to sell on the cars themselves.

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