Free Car Rental ?

The car hire firm Avis plan to offer one and a half thousand free car rentals to UK small and medium sized businesses (SME’s) in order to help them achieve their goal to secure more business from abroad.

Avis came on board following news that British Airways were to offer up to fifteen million pounds worth of free flights to help small and medium businesses in their bid to boost exports.

Under the terms of the BA deal there will be five thousand return business class flights available in order to facilitate companies who wish to visit trade fairs and exhibitions abroad to try drum up new business. Here personal meetings can be arranged offering a greater chance of success.

The offer Avis have made has a value of one hundred and seventy five thousand pounds. The news has been warmly welcomed by Government officials in the UK as well as business groups.

William Walsh called on more companies to come forward and match the generous offers of Avis and British Airways.

Speaking on behalf of Avis, Anthony Ainsworth spoke of how happy Avis were to be able to help and how hard small companies have been hit in the current recession.

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