Extra Charge on Credit Card after Hiring a Car

Recent car hire customers in the USA have been left disgruntled after finding hidden charges added to their credit cards once their hire period had ended. The charges varied from cancellation fees to energy surcharges.

It is believed that some companies have began to add these charges to alleviate losses been felt in the current economic market.

Mr. Jim Swofford recently hired a car in the USA with leading car hire firm Hertz. Upon inspecting his credit card bill he found a five dollar charge which was unexpected.  He contacted Hertz and was told it was a cancellation charge.

Mr. Swofford was upset by the charge as he was a regular customer of Hertz so asked to have a previous reservation he made cancelled. He was then told that this would cost him twenty five dollars. He was then told that if he choose not to show up to collect the hire car that he would be charged fifty dollars.

A man from Austin Texas also complained recently over a one dollar energy charge on his credit card claiming to have never had this charge before in his many years of hiring cars.

Hertz explained that the cancellation charge brought in back in December was only applicable to pre paid reservations and was used to cover the paperwork costs associated with the booking.