Car hire news

5% of Avis Europe staff are expected to lose their jobs due to unsustainable costs. 315 workers will be affected as Avis close several rental outlets. Plans are afoot to move staff from its business head office in Middlesex to Bracknell.

Avis and Budgets brands in Europe, Asia and the Middle East are currently run by Avis Europe. The company stated that bookings for the last quarter are down on previous years and now looked very unlikely to match last years volume.

Pascal Bazin of Avis explained that raising prices and cutting staff costs was the only way forward for Avis. Avis hope that these measures will save the company £13.6 million each year. It is still unclear as to who will lose their jobs but those working in Middlesex are expected to be the most affected though they will be offered roles elsewhere.

Avis also plan to cut down the number of seasonal staff they currently employ and will not be recruiting any new staff for the time being. Mr. Bazin believes the company will be in better shape in the coming years because of the current plans being made.

Losses sustained in the used car hire market have also affected Avis particularly in Spain.